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Having worked in IT since 1982, Ayurveda since 1997, Cloud Monk is temporarily in retreat / retired from both IT and Ayurveda, but never retired or retreating from the Buddha Dharma.

Though retired from consulting, he is busy for all of 2020 soaking in American History studies and 1500 hours of Java-Kotlin-Android books and Udemy- Pluralsight classes with a particular focus on Cloud Native Containerized Microservices using the Spring Framework on Pivotal Web Services (PWS), AWS and Azure.

In 2019, he was focused on Spring Framework web apps in a ☁️ Cloud DevOps via Docker and Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

He plans to integrate 2019's frontend web client coding studies with 2020's backend microservices coding studies in his future 2021 work doing consulting, training and writing.


Integrating Python or Spring Boot web apps with Kubernetes and Docker in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) was Cloud Monk’s focus.

K8S-Docker is THE Cloud OS used on:

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Who is Losang Jinpa, the Cloud Monk? Focused on CloudOps for K8S-Docker, Azure, PowerShell-Python, Office 365 and Amazon AWS.


Cloud Monk is Retired. Buddha with you. © 2020 Losang Jinpa or Fair Use

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