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Losang Jinpa, PhD, MCSE/MCT - The Cloud Monk

Do not call me, I am Retired and living in the wilds of the Pacific Mountain Northwest

Losang specializes in:

Contact: I am not available.


We have 24402 articles in our Wiki (Built using DokuWiki and EmEditor)! - This Wisdom comes from the 3500+ volume Cloud Monk Library (See Books Purchased by Cloud Monk)

The Cloud Monk, Losang Jinpa, is now focused writing until end of December 2022 on his polyglot programmer book DevOps for 20 Languages by Cloud Monk (with a particular focus on Cloud Native DevSecOps and Web API Security) to be published on GitHub and this Wiki. (navbar_devops_book)

Cloud Monk, a quadrilingual (native English, fluent French, > 500 words of spoken Mandarin, > 100 words of spoken and written Korean) polyglot programmer, and a Rustacean 🦀 + 🕸️ = 💖, is concentrated on Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes and Python DevOps - Java DevOps - Rust DevOps, Python Microservices. He is a Cloud Native Kubernetes GitOps DevOps Engineer, a Python Software Architect and a Cloud Native Software Architect -

SwiftUI and JVM-language focused on JVM DevOps, polyglot Clojurist Cloud Monk (English-French bilingual) enjoys programming functionally in Clojure - ClojureScript, as well as Java, Scala, Kotlin, Swift, Python, and JavaScript - TypeScript / React.

On Study and Practice: “If you practice, but don't study, it is blind. If you study, but don't practice, it is sterile.” – Buddhist Tien Tai Master Zhi Yi

DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” – Donovan Brown of Microsoft. DevOps is better value, sooner, safer, happier.

Main specialization of Cloud Monk is Pythons DevOps and Python Automation, Django-Flask REST APIs / gRPC - GraphQL with MySQL DBaaS

Please read my full detailed Resume:

The Cloud Monk is Losang Jinpa (a.k.a. Michael Reid Kreuzer), PhD, MCSE/MCT, is a Python Cloud Native DevOps-GitOps Cloud Engineer.

Cloud Monk focuses on:

My studies for the last 6 years on Pluralsight:

Having worked in IT since 1982, Ayurveda since 1997, Losang is temporarily in retreat / retired from both IT and Ayurveda, but never retired or retreating from the Buddha Dharma.

Tilopa's Six Words of Advice

Cloud Monk is Retired (for now). Buddha with you. © 2005 - 2023 Losang Jinpa or Fair Use. Disclaimers

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