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Losang Jinpa, PhD, MCSE/MCT - The Cloud Monk

Do not call me, I am Retired and living in the wilds of the Pacific Mountain Northwest

Losang specializes in:

Contact: I am not available.


We have 20816 articles in the Wiki!

Cloud Monk is focused on Cloud Native Python, Python DevOps and Python Data Science / Python ML - Python DL - Python NLP - Python MLOps: A Clojurist, he also enjoys functional programming in Clojure - ClojureScript, Java, JavaScript - TypeScript / React.

On Study and Practice: “If you practice, but don't study, it is blind. If you study, but don't practice, it is sterile.” – Buddhist Tien Tai Master Zhi Yi

DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” – Donovan Brown of Microsoft. DevOps is better value, sooner, safer, happier.

Main specialization of Cloud Monk is Pythons DevOps and Python Automation, Django-Flask REST APIs / gRPC - GraphQL with MySQL DBaaS

Please read my full detailed Resume:

The Cloud Monk is Losang Jinpa (a.k.a. Michael Reid Kreuzer), PhD, MCSE/MCT, is a Python Cloud Native DevOps-GitOps Cloud Engineer.

Cloud Monk focuses on:

My studies for the last 6 years on Pluralsight:

Having worked in IT since 1982, Ayurveda since 1997, Losang is temporarily in retreat / retired from both IT and Ayurveda, but never retired or retreating from the Buddha Dharma.

Tilopa's Six Words of Advice

Cloud Monk is Retired (for now). Buddha with you. © 2005 - 2022 Losang Jinpa or Fair Use. Disclaimers

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