C# Sharp Design Patterns

Also called Design Patterns in C#

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C# Design Patterns

“Design patterns have evolved from years of experience in resolving frequently encountered problems when writing object-oriented software. These patterns are templates that provide developers with a blueprint on how to create flexible, easily maintainable applications. Like a building, design patterns can differ in style and form but not in purpose. Their purpose remains the same; to provide a solid structural framework for an application.”

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This course will teach you when and how to apply the Singleton design pattern (and other ways to achieve the same behavior) to ensure certain classes only have a single instance within your application.

Applying the Singleton Pattern

Singleton Structure and Features Demo: Naïve Singleton Demo: Thread Safe Singleton Analysis Static Constructors and Singletons Demo: Static Constructors and Singletons Analysis Lazy<T> and Singletons Demo: Lazy<T> Singleton Singletons are an Antipattern? Singletons vs. Static Classes Using Containers Demo: Singleton Behavior with Containers Analysis Demo: Singleton Testing Considerations Key Takeaways

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