Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism - Its Fundamentals and History by Dudjom Rinpoche

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Bdud-’joms ’Jigs-bral-ye-śes-rdo-rje, 1904–87.

[Bstan-pa’i rnam-gzhag’. English]

The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism - Its Fundamentals and History by Dudjom Rinpoche:

translated and edited by Gyurme Dorje in collaboration with Matthew Kapstein.

p. cm.—(Wisdom Advanced Book Blue Series)

Translation of: Bstan-pa’i rnam-gzhag’ and ’Chos-byung.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0-86171-087-8

1. Rñiṅ-ma-pa (Sect) I. Title. II. Series. III. Series:

Bdud-’joms ’Jigs-bral-ye-śes-rdo-rje, 1904–87. ’Chos-byung.


BQ7662.2.B3913 1990




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Snippet from Wikipedia: Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje

Kyabje Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (Tibetan: བདུད་འཇོམས་འཇིགས་བྲལ་ཡེ་ཤེས་རྡོ་རྗེ།, Wylie: bdud 'joms 'jigs bral ye shes rdo rje, THL Düjom Jikdrel Yéshé Dorjé) was known as Terchen Drodül Lingpa and as Dudjom Rinpoche (10 June 1904 – 17 January 1987). He is considered by many Tibetan Buddhists to be from a line of important Tulku lineage, and a renowned Tertön (treasure revealer). Per lineage, he was a direct incarnation of both Padmasambhava and Dudjom Lingpa (1835–1904). He was a Nyingma householder, yogi, and a Vajrayana and Dzogchen master. According to his disciple Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal, he was revered as "His Holiness" and as a "Master of Masters".

According to Khenpo Dongyal, to protect and preserve Tibetan Buddhist teachings and continue Tibetan culture, Dudjom Rinpoche was appointed as the first supreme head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, by the 14th Dalai Lama and of the Central Tibetan Administration in the early 1960s, in India. In 1965, Dudjom Rinpoche organized a conference for participants to discuss teachings in the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools.

Dudjom Rinpoche is revered by Tibetan Buddhists as a realized master. They consider him to be the "Greatest Terton of Our Time", and a holder of all the teachings of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as that of the Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools. Dudjom Rinpoche was also a prolific author. The treatise The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism: Its Fundamentals and History, written by him is considered as an authority of the teaching. He also authored the Political History of Tibet and the History of the Dharma. Teachers from various schools confirmed that the terma texts revealed by Dudjom Rinpoche are being used as practice texts. In addition to the above, Rinpoche also reconstructed monasteries in Tibet, and built some monasteries in India and Nepal afterwards. Dudjom Rinpoche travelled extensively to teach. He had a center in Hong Kong, and had established centers both in France and in the U.S.. This brought the Vajrayana and the Nyingma teachings to the western worlds. Khenpo Dongyal credit this Great Master as a "renaissance in Tibetan studies".

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