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Losang Jinpa, PhD, MCSE/MCT - The Cloud Monk

Do not call me, I am Retired and living in the wilds of the Pacific Mountain Northwest

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Contact: I am not available.


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Java: JDK, JVM, JRE, Java keywords, Java data structures - Java algorithms, Java syntax, Java OOP - Java design patterns, Java installation, Java containerization, Java configuration, Java compiler, Java IDEs (IntelliJ - Eclipse - NetBeans), Java development tools, JetBrains, Java on Android, Java on Windows, Java on macOS, Java on Linux, Java DevOps - Java SRE, Java data science - Java DataOps, Java machine learning, Java deep learning, Functional Java, Java concurrency, Java history, Java bibliography, Java glossary, Java topics, Java courses, Java security - Java DevSecOps, Java Standard Library, Java libraries, Java frameworks, Java research, Java GitHub, Written in Java, Java popularity, Java Awesome list. (navbar_java and navbar_java_detailed)

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