Security, Privacy, and Anonymity

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Anonymity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent distinct concepts. It is important to understand the differences between them.

It is important to note that privacy and security are not necessarily interdependent. For instance, Google systems are “secure” and unlikely to be hacked, but Google still has access to your personal data and makes use of it.

Privacy and anonymity are also not necessarily linked, services like Signal offer high levels of privacy since they do not collect any data about what you say, who you talk to or how you use the app, but they may not be anonymous since you still need to register using your phone number (which is in many cases linked to your identity).

Finally, there are privacy services (security services, anonymity services) that may offer all three: anonymity, privacy, and security. The primary focus of this list is to provide alternatives that prioritize privacy. These alternatives give you control over your data and do not collect it or sell it.

Cybersecurity: DevSecOps - Security Automation, Cloud Security - Cloud Native Security (AWS Security - Azure Security - GCP Security - IBM Cloud Security - Oracle Cloud Security, Container Security, Docker Security, Podman Security, Kubernetes Security, Google Anthos Security, Red Hat OpenShift Security); CIA Triad (Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability, Authorization - OAuth, Identity and Access Management (IAM), JVM Security (Java Security, Spring Security, Micronaut Security, Quarkus Security, Helidon Security, MicroProfile Security, Dropwizard Security, Vert.x Security, Play Framework Security, Akka Security, Ratpack Security, Netty Security, Spark Framework Security, Kotlin Security - Ktor Security, Scala Security, Clojure Security, Groovy Security;

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Programming Language Security ((1. Python Security, 2. JavaScript Security, 3. Java Security, 4. C# Security, 5. C++ Security, 6. PHP Security, 7. TypeScript Security, 8. Ruby Security, 9. C Security, 10. Swift Security, 11. R Security, 12. Objective-C Security, 13. Scala Security, 14. Golang Security, 15. Kotlin Security, 16. Rust Security, 17. Dart Security, 18. Lua Security, 19. Perl Security, 20. Haskell Security, 21. Julia Security, 22. Clojure Security, 23. Elixir Security, 24. F# Security, 25. Assembly Language Security, 26. Shell Script Security / bash Security, 27. SQL Security, 28. Groovy Security, 29. PowerShell Security, 30. MATLAB Security, 31. VBA Security, 32. Racket Security, 33. Scheme Security, 34. Prolog Security, 35. Erlang Security, 36. Ada Security, 37. Fortran Security, 38. COBOL Security, 39. Lua Security, 40. VB.NET Security, 41. Lisp Security, 42. SAS Security, 43. D Security, 44. LabVIEW Security, 45. PL/SQL Security, 46. Delphi/Object Pascal Security, 47. ColdFusion Security, 49. CLIST Security, 50. REXX);

OS Security, Mobile Security: Android Security - Kotlin Security - Java Security, iOS Security - Swift Security; Windows Security - Windows Server Security, Linux Security (Ubuntu Security, Debian Security, RHEL Security, Fedora Security), UNIX Security (FreeBSD Security), IBM z Mainframe Security (RACF Security), Passwords (Windows Passwords, Linux Passwords, FreeBSD Passwords, Android Passwords, iOS Passwords, macOS Passwords, IBM z/OS Passwords), Passkeys, Hacking (Ethical Hacking, White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat), Pentesting (Red Team - Blue Team - Purple Team), Cybersecurity Certifications (CEH, GIAC, CISM, CompTIA Security Plus, CISSP), Mitre Framework, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), Cybersecurity Bibliography, Cybersecurity Courses, Firewalls, CI/CD Security (GitHub Actions Security, Azure DevOps Security, Jenkins Security, Circle CI Security), Functional Programming and Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity and Concurrency, Cybersecurity and Data Science - Cybersecurity and Databases, Cybersecurity and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity Glossary (RFC 4949 Internet Security Glossary), Awesome Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity GitHub, Cybersecurity Topics (navbar_security - see also navbar_aws_security, navbar_azure_security, navbar_gcp_security, navbar_k8s_security, navbar_docker_security, navbar_podman_security, navbar_mainframe_security, navbar_ibm_cloud_security, navbar_oracle_cloud_security, navbar_database_security, navbar_windows_security, navbar_linux_security, navbar_macos_security, navbar_android_security, navbar_ios_security, navbar_os_security, navbar_firewalls, navbar_encryption, navbar_passwords, navbar_iam, navbar_pentesting, navbar_privacy)

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