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“DNF is a software package manager that installs, updates, and removes packages on Fedora and is the successor to YUM (Yellow-Dog Updater Modified). DNF makes it easy to maintain packages by automatically checking for dependencies and determines the actions required to install packages. This method eliminates the need to manually install or update the package, and its dependencies, using the rpm command. DNF is now the default software package management tool in Fedora.”

Snippet from Wikipedia: DNF

DNF may refer to:

Short description: RPM package manager

name = Dandified Yum

developer = Red Hat


DNF or Dandified YUM<ref name=“DNF-Wiki”>

</ref><ref name=“DNF-FAQ”>

</ref><ref name=“ReadMe”>

</ref> is the next-generation version of the Yellowdog Updater, Modified (yum), a package manager for .rpm-based distributions. DNF was introduced in Fedora 18 in 2013,<ref name=“DNF-Fedora”>

</ref> it has been the default package manager since Fedora 22 in 2015<ref name=“F22_released”>

</ref> and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.<ref name=“RHEL8news”>


Perceived deficiencies of yum (which DNF is intended to address) include poor performance, high memory usage, and the slowness of its iterative dependency resolution.<ref name=“lwn580223”>

</ref> DNF uses libsolv, an external dependency resolver.<ref name=“lwn580223”/>

DNF performs package management tasks on top of RPM, and supporting libraries.

DNF was originally written in Python, but

efforts are under way to port it to C and move most functionality from Python code into the new libdnf library.<ref name=“libdnfinitiative”>

</ref> libdnf is already used by PackageKit, a Linux distribution-agnostic package system abstraction library, even though the library does not have most of DNF's features.<ref name=“packagekitlibdnf”>



DNF has been the default package manager for Fedora since version 22, which was released in May 2015.<ref name=“F22_released”/> The libdnf library is used as a package backend in PackageKit.<ref name=“packagekitlibdnf”/> DNF has also been available as an alternate package manager for Mageia Linux since version 6 and may become the default sometime in the future.<ref name=“PhoronixMageia”>




  • high-level API for DNF and underlying libraries


  • a free package dependency solver using a satisfiability algorithm
  • for solving packages and reading repositories
  • C


  • a library providing C and Python (libcURL like) API for downloading Linux repository metadata and packages
  • C
  • LGPLv2+


  • libcomps is an alternative for yum.comps library, written in pure C, and has bindings for Python
  • C


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