Cloud Monk

The Cloud Monk is the Nom de plume pen name of Mike Kreuzer, Ph.D, MCSE/MCT, Azure DevOps / DevSecOps Engineer Author. As a former ordained Buddhist Monk from Nalanda Monastery France, the Cloud Monk goes by the ordination name of “Losang Jinpa” while practicing as an Ayurvedic Doctor – Pastoral Counselor. As a polymath Losang is also an author of Buddha Dharma and IT Cybersecurity, Pentesting, DevOps books, a Technical Writer, a Wiki Fanatic, a Polyglot (fluent in French, versed in Sanskrit, with basic spoken Mandarin; coding PowerShell, Java, Kotlin, and basic Python scripting), a Permaculture Gardener, and an amateur Historian focused on the History of Technology. Cloud Monk‘s greatest influence, Main Teacher and Mentor is Da Xin De Ben Shr.

Evan You

Creator of @vuejs, previously @meteor & @google


“I am an independent software developer and the creator of the open source JavaScript framework Vue.js. Most of my work is open source and publicly available on GitHub.

I have an old blog which I no longer actively update – you probably want to follow me on Twitter and Medium for more up-to-date content.

If you happen to speak Chinese, my Chinese name is 尤雨溪. you can also find me on 微博 and 知乎.

Outside of programming and helping my wife take care of our two kids, I enjoy video games, karaoke, sushi and collecting watches.”

Fair Use Source: https://evanyou.me

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-11

Photograph of Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie (standing) at the PDP-11.
Photograph of Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie (standing) at the PDP-11.

Photograph of Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie (standing) at the PDP-11.

“The original UNIX operating system was written in assembly language for an old Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7 computer and then rewritten into the assembly language for the PDP-11″ Fair Use Source: B07C2NQSPV

Dennis Ritchie

Golang was co-created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007. Fair Use Source: B078HXNZX9

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