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Do not call me, I am Retired and living in the wilds of the Pacific Mountain Northwest

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Programming: Programming languages, agile, algorithms, APIs, asynchronous programming, automation, backend, CI/CD, classes, CLI, client-side, cloud (Cloud Native-AWS-Azure-GCP-IBM Cloud-IBM Mainframe-OCI), comments, compilers, concurrency, conditional expressions, containers, control flow, databases, data manipulation, data persistence, data science, data serialization, data structures, dates and times, debugging, dependency injection, design patterns, DevOps, distributed software, Docker, error handling, file I/O, frameworks, frontend, functions, functional programming, GitHub, history, Homebrew, IDEs, installation, JetBrains, JSON, JSON Web Token (JWT), K8S, lambdas, language spec, libraries, linters, Linux, logging, macOS, methods, ML, microservices, mobile dev, modules, monitoring, multi-threaded, network programming, null, numbers, objects, object-oriented programming, observability, OOP, ORMs, packages, package managers, performance, programmers, programming, reactive, refactoring, reserved words, REST APIs, RHEL, SDK, secrets, security, serverless, server-side, Snapcraft, SQL, StackOverflow, standards, standard library, statements, scope, scripting, syntax, systems programming, TDD, testing, tools, type system, web dev, variables, versions, Ubuntu, unit testing, Windows; topics-courses-books-docs. (navbar_programming - see also navbar_variables)

History of Programming: Bash, BASIC, C, C++, C#, Clojure, COBOL, Fortran, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Lisp, Pascal, Python, PowerShell, RPG, Swift, TypeScript, Software Engineering History, Software History. IT History, (navbar_programminghistory)

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