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“Today, everything serves war. There is not one discovery which the military does not study with the aim of applying it to warfare, not one invention which they do not attempt to turn to military use.” – Nikolai Fyodorov, Philosophy of the Common Cause, 1891

Don't Return to Surveillance Capitalism, Surveillance State / Police State, Censorship, GroupThink Social Engineering, Monetization of EVERYTHING from TPTB's Trade Empire / Big Tech Technocracy-Technocrats and their Military-Digital Complex - Military-Industrial Complex - 3 Letter Agencies (Read Surveillance Valley - The Rise of the Military-Digital Complex) (navbar_surveillance_capitalism)

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Technocracy and the Technocrats: The Powers That Be (The Trillionaires - The Billionaires - The 1/100 of One Percenters - The Peerage), The Conglomerates, Big Tech FAANG Control of the Masses via Gaslighting, Propaganda and GroupThink, Thought Leader, Thought Police, Thoughtcrime, Doublethink, Big Brother, Dystopian, Propaganda, 1984, Nineteen Eighty-Four - A Novel by George Orwell, Orwellian, Room 101, Wizardry, Unperson-Deplatform, Memory hole, Ministry of Truth, Newspeak, Authoritarian Totalitarianism, Communism-Fascism-Socialism-National Socialism-Marxism-Trotskyism-Stalinism, Proletariat, Proles, Propagandists - Surveillance Valley - The Rise of the Military-Digital Complex - Military-Digital Complex, Mass Media-Hollywood-Entertainment Industrial Complex-Media Industrial Complex-Mainstream Media-Fake News, Surveillance Capitalism - Mass Surveillance and the Surveillance State / Police State - CIA-NSA-FBI-DHS-Military Intelligence-Military Industrial Complex. (navbar_technocracy - see also navbar_tptb, navbar_bigtech, navbar_advertising)

The Powers That Be TPTB, Economic Inequality through Greed of THE Families, The Trillionaires, The Billionaires, The 1/100 of One Percenters, The Conglomerates, Chaebols - Zaibatsu - Keiretsu, The Oligarchs, The Peerage, The Aristocracy; The Bankers, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies, Biggest Industries, Big Pharma, Corporatocracy, Megacorporation, Trading Empires (starting with the ancient Phoenician Merchant Navy Empire), Russian Oligarchs; Intelligence Community (3 Letter Agencies: CIA-MI6, NSA, FBI-MI5, DHS, DNI, Military Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence), Military Industrial Complex - Military-Digital Complex, Multinational Corporations, Mass Media-Hollywood-Media Industrial Complex, Income Inequality - Economic Inequality. (navbar_tptb - see also navbar_technocracy)

Big Tech: Tech Giants, FAANG - GAMMA - Silicon Valley Technocracy:, Apple, Inc., Microsoft - GitHub - LinkedIn, Google, IBM - Red Hat, Facebook, Netflix, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Oracle, Adobe, PayPal, Salesforce, VMware, Splunk, MongoDB, Uber, Spotify, eBay, Bloomberg L.P., Twitter, Stripe, Airbnb, Zillo, GoDaddy, Lyft, Craigslist, Twilio, Grubhub). (navbar_bigtech - see also navbar_technocracy, navbar_tptb, navbar_advertising)

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