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How to set up a secure environment on Azure Government

“In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Joseph Bloom (Business Productivity, Microsoft) and Paul Fisher (Modern App Solution Center, Microsoft) to discuss how to set up a secure development environment on Azure Government. In this Part 1 (of the 2-part series), Joseph and Paul focus on securing Azure environment by setting up a secure connection between the on-premises network and Azure Government with VPN and/or ExpressRoute. Joseph will show how to set up a network in Azure that facilitates a developer establishing a VPN connection from their workstation into a remote development environment hosted in Azure Government – all “inside the firewall”. He then dives into the details of Azure virtual networks, Azure subnets, Azure network gateways, and Azure certificates – all to set up the secure network for your development team. Watch to see how simple it is for a developer to download the VPN client onto their workstation, so they can connect to the dev environment in seconds! Part 2 of these series will focus on setting up secure CI/CD builds in this secure environment.”

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