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“Azure Active Directory is an Identity and Access Management as a service (IDaaS) solution that extends your on-premises Active Directory into the Azure cloud and provides single sign-on to Azure, Office 365 and thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps and access to web apps you run on-premises.”

“Built for ease of use, Azure Active Directory enables enterprise mobility and collaboration and delivers advanced identity protection through multi-factor authentication (MFA), security reports, audits, alerts and adaptive conditional access policies based on device health, user location and risk level.”

Azure AD MFA

Azure AD MFA

About enabling multi-factor auth: Read the Azure AD MFA deployment guide ( if you haven’t already. If your users do not regularly sign in through the browser, you can send them to this link to register for multi-factor auth:

Other capabilities

Azure AD Identity Protection

Identity Protection - User Authentication

Specifically, Azure AD Password Protection helps you:

Setup questions

  • By default, a basic domain name at is included with your directory. Later, you can add a domain name that your organization already uses, such as

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