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Nalanda Monastery France – See also Nalanda Monastery Ancient India and Nalanda Tradition

Cloud Monk received his ordination as a Buddhist Monk at Nalanda France with the ordination name of Losang Jinpa.

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Cloud Monk

The Cloud Monk is the Nom de plume pen name of Mike Kreuzer, Ph.D, MCSE/MCT, Azure DevOps / DevSecOps Engineer Author. As a former ordained Buddhist Monk from Nalanda Monastery France, the Cloud Monk goes by the ordination name of “Losang Jinpa” while practicing as an Ayurvedic Doctor – Pastoral Counselor. As a polymath Losang is also an author of Buddha Dharma and IT Cybersecurity, Pentesting, DevOps books, a Technical Writer, a Wiki Fanatic, a Polyglot (fluent in French, versed in Sanskrit, with basic spoken Mandarin; coding PowerShell, Java, Kotlin, and basic Python scripting), a Permaculture Gardener, and an amateur Historian focused on the History of Technology. Cloud Monk‘s greatest influence, Main Teacher and Mentor is Da Xin De Ben Shr.