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Sidebar – Cloud Monk Losang Jinpa - Cloud Native Microservices - Azure-AWS-GCP-Kubernetes-GitOps-Python-DevOps-CloudOps-Linux-Docker-C++20

Losang Jinpa, PhD, MCSE/MCT - The Cloud Monk

Do not call me, I am Retired and living in the wilds of the Pacific Mountain Northwest

Losang specializes in:

Contact: I am not available.




Install on Windows with Chocolatey

Install on macOS with Homebrew

Install on Ubuntu-Debian with APT

Install on Rocky-CentOS-Fedora-Oracle-OpenSUSE Linux with dnf

Install on RHEL with yum

Install with Ansible

Install with Chef

Install with Puppet


Node.js Platform:

Node.js Frameworks:

Node.js Libraries:

Node.js Languages:

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Node.js Bibliography

Node.js Courses

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