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Big Brother

See the Surveillance State of Facebook, Twitter and Google the Googlag (Google as Big Brother) who censor and shadow ban anyone who dares not to follow the Party Line of the New GroupThink.

Big Brother n. [after Big Brother, the head of state in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four] an all-powerful, all-seeing, authoritarian ruler or government.”

  • “1949 [G. Orwell] Nineteen Eighty-Four 209: One could infer […] the general structure of Oceanic society. At the apex of the pyramid comes Big Brother. Big Brother is infallible and all-powerful […]. Nobody has ever seen Big Brother. He is a face on the hoardings, a voice on the telescreen.”
  • “1957 Economist (Oct.) 208/2: The reporting to the Privy Council of any evidence discovered by this court of “misconduct in the administration of security organisations” would usefully discourage the Big Brother mentality.”
  • “1968 B. Bettelheim Saturday Evening Post (July 27) 9/2: Neither a medieval absence of privacy nor a Big Brother’s spying that leaves nothing unpublic will do.”
  • “2005 Times of India, Pune (June 24) 5/5: Mumbai University is taking up the role of big brother and will soon tell students what to wear and what not to wear to college.”

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