Decrease Kapha

Kapha means Decrease Kapha

Use the following:


OJAS. “The pure essence of all the bodily tissues (dhatus); the superfine essence of kapha; maintains immunity, strength, and vitality. Ojas creates bliss and awareness in the mental faculties and governs the body’s immune function. If it is depleted, it can lead to death.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY


See Ignorance, Obscurations, Kapha imbalance

TAMAS. “One of the three gunas of Prakruti or Nature; its characteristics are darkness, inertia, and ignorance; it is responsible for sleep, drowsiness, dullness, unconsciousness.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY


See also Bodhisattva, Living being

SATTVA. “One of the three gunas of Prakruti, sattva denotes light, clarity, purity of perception; it is the essence of pure awareness.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY


See Vata imbalance, desire.

RAJAS. “One of the three universal qualities (triguna) of Prakruti, Cosmic Creativity. Rajas is active, mobile, dynamic.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY