See Ignorance, Obscurations, Kapha imbalance

TAMAS. “One of the three gunas of Prakruti or Nature; its characteristics are darkness, inertia, and ignorance; it is responsible for sleep, drowsiness, dullness, unconsciousness.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY


See also Bodhisattva, Living being

SATTVA. “One of the three gunas of Prakruti, sattva denotes light, clarity, purity of perception; it is the essence of pure awareness.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY


See Vata imbalance, desire.

RAJAS. “One of the three universal qualities (triguna) of Prakruti, Cosmic Creativity. Rajas is active, mobile, dynamic.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY