PANCHAKARMA. “Five measures for elimination of excess dosha and/or ama from the body. Used for the purpose of internal purification. They are: vomiting (vamana); purgation (virechana with e.g. triphala); medicated oil or decoction enema (basti); bloodletting (rakta moksha); and nasal administration of specific medication (nasya)” with pranayama. Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY

Basti – Herbal Enema

See also Panchakarma.

BASTI. “One of the five important cleansing measures of panchakarma, it eliminates excess vata dosha from the system via medicated herbal tea or oil enemas. Helps greatly to heal all vata disorders. The word basti literally means bladder. In ancient times, the apparatus used for the procedure was made out of leather.” Fair Use Source: B00735H9FY